Kids's Kitchen  is a division of AIMS Limited and is a
Whakatane-based business owned by Mawera Karetai and Dave Barrett.


Both Mawera and Dave are committed to growing and gathering as much of their food as possible, choosing to live as close to nature as possible for themselves and their children. Advocates for home gardening, and wild food, they are both well known in the EBOP for their commitment to this lifestyle.


A passionate cook and teacher, it has been Mawera's life-long dream to open a cookery school to share her love of good food with kids. 


Dave, a hunter and fisherman is happy to share his knowledge with anyone who wants to learn and will come into the class as required for specialist learning, such as fish filleting and basic butchery. 


Kids' Kitchen is in the development stage of a new television series based in the classroom of the after-school programme.