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Week 1 - Calzone

How does yeast work? Today we will look at the science behind good bread. Using our excellent skills in bread making, we will make a dough for our calzone and then explore the different types of filling we can use.


Week 2 - Meringue

Making a meringue is not difficult, but there is a lot going on in the mixture to make a really good one. We will make perfect meringue today and learn all about eggs.


Week 3 - Ravioli

Following on from our basic pasta session in the Beginner's Class, in this class we will make delicious stuffed pasta. We will talk about gluten and other proteins at work in our cooking.


Week 4 - Sugar paste decorations

In cake decorating there are two kids of people - those who can make roses from sugar paste, and those who can't. At the end of this session, you will be one of the ones who can. This is the first part in a 3-part-process of covering and decorating a cake.


Week 5 - Enchiladas

Today we will look at sauces and the fundamentals of Mexican cuisine. Using the tacos we made in Beginner's Class, we make these mouth-wateringly good enchiladas.


Week 6 - Chocolate Mudcake

A good mudcake is really hard to beat. Today you can choose to make dark, milk or white chocolate mudcake. This is the 2nd part of our cake decorating class. These cakes will be frozen and then thawed the day before we have the cake covering and finishing class.


Week 7 - Butter Chicken and rice

Today we will look at the fundamentals of Indian cuisine, and how we have altered traditional dishes to suit our New Zealand palate.


Week 8 - Cover a cake with fondant

This week is the last week of our cake decorating class. We will cover a cake today using fondant, and place our flowers.


Week 9 - Sushi and planning session

Next week is our feast and we need to plan for that. Today will will talk about different types of, and cooking methods for rice, and then we will make sushi. After clean-up we will talk about our feast for next week and decide who is cooking each dish to share with family.


Week 10 - Shared dinner

Tonight you may invite a guest to share a dinner with the class.