Beginners Menu

This is the menu for Term 2. This is a guide and other dishes may be added, depending on time.

Week 1 - Scones

Let's start at the very beginning - it is a very good place to start. Scones are a great way to begin to understand the science of cooking. We will make plain and pinwheel scones.


Week 2 - Pancakes and Crepes

Learn the difference between the pancake and crepe batter. Make a sweet pancake and a savoury crepe, taste them and discuss how we can make them interesting.


Week 3 - Biscuits

Biscuits come in so many flavours, shapes, sizes and textures. We will explore American style soft cookies and NZ style hard biscuits.


Week 4 - Pasta and Sauce

Today will will make pasta dough, roll it, cut it and then make a simple bolognaisse sauce to serve it with. We will talk about other pastas including filled pastas like ravioli.


Week 5 - Cupcakes

Chocolate and Vanilla are the flavours of the day, with different styles of frosting to top them off.


Week 6 - Pastry

Today we will make short crust pastry and use this as the base for apple pies.


Week 7 - Tortillas

Today we have a Mexican theme, with Buñuelos and Tacos on the menu. Tortillas are very versatile and surprisingly easy to make.


Week 8 - Pizza

Savoury and sweet pizzas are sure to be a big hit today. Children will make their pizza dough using a yeast base for sweet and the savoury pizzas.


Week 9 - Recap and planning for shared dinner

We will take this opportunity to plan for our shared dinner next week. Afternoon tea will be provided. We encourage the kids to bring a recipe they would like to try, or they can make something they already made in class. Basic ingredients will be provided. Any special ingredients will need to be brought from home - a list will be provided at the end of this class.


Week 10 - Shared dinner

This is our last session together for this term and a great opportunity to invite someone special to share in the feast. Each child will make a dish to share with the group.